About Kendra

Lifelong dog-lover, photographer and dog wrangler

About Kendra Luck

I’ve always loved dogs and since 2002 I’ve lived a dog-centric life. 

I left my career as a newspaper photojournalist to photograph dogs as the Dogumentarian and my passion for dogs has only grown. All along, I’ve taken care of my friends’ dogs along with my dogs, and in 2009, I made it official with the formation of Sit Stay Sleep.

I have a secondary business with a home office for my Dogumentarian photography which is my alter ego. I specialize in B&W documentary- style, dog-centric life portraits. 

Gladys was the first dog I had as an adult and for more than 15 years she taught me countless lessons about dog behavior and care. In her youth, she was leash aggressive and a fence-jumping escape artist, squirrel chasing wild woman who chose my housemates for me. As she aged, she still had a wild side and continued to jump the fence well into her senior years. Gladys would also follow the sun around the house and would choose to spend the entire day in the car rather than stay at home. Later in her life, a perfect day included a couple of hours in the front yard getting pets from everyone that passed by, smelling the flowers and enjoying the sun. For me, it also involved constantly looking for her new favorite food, carrying her up and down the back steps and dealing with a bout of tetanus and vestibular disease. It was all worth it.

Now, Loofah Bean is my fur baby. She came into my life in 2011 and has been a wonderful addition to our household with her scruffy, ruff-and-ready nature and like her predecessor: Gladys, she loves riding in the car and going on adventures.

Photo by Meri Simon