Reminders and Updates

News for current clients

Cancellation policy

During the peak summer season and holidays: Memorial Day through Labor Day and Nov 20th – Jan 3rd, three weeks notice is required for reservation changes/cancellation with no penalty.

Changes made 4 – 20 days prior to the first day of the reservation will be charged 50%.

Changes made with less than 72 hours (3 days) notice, the guardian will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

During non-holiday and non-peak seasons two weeks notice is required for reservation changes and/or cancellation no penalty.

Reservation changes/cancellations made 3 – 14 days prior to the reservation will be charged 50% for less than 48 hours notice, the guardian will be charged the full reservation  amount.

In the case of true emergencies (to be determined by SSS), credit toward future boarding may be issued when possible.

Health and Safety out on the trails

Canine Influenza 2018-19: Canine influenza seem to be here to stay and Sit Stay Sleep is requiring the Bivalent Canine Influenza Vaccine (CIV)  for all dogs coming to SSS. If you do not want to vaccinate your dog, please contact Kendra directly. For more information check out 

Rain puddles and standing water for most dogs are great fun, unfortunately they are a petri-dish of bacteria and parasites. We do our best to keep the pack from drinking from these gross water sources, but it inevitably happens. The diseases we are most concerned with are giaridia and Lepto, which both present with diarrhea and/or vomiting and require a trip to the vet. Do not ignore these symptoms if they persist for more than 12 hours. Lepto can do serious long term damage to your dogs kidney and liver if not caught and treated early. 

Foxtails are an issue in our parks and on trails all summer and fall. We do our best to limit our packs exposure to Foxtails, but they are on all trails and in the parks. If you are concerned about this risk, you might consider getting an Outfox head protector for your dog. It will protect a dog’s ears, eyes, nose and mouth from foxtails. Of course we check the dogs for stickers and foxtails after outings, but it is impossible to find them all. If your dog gets a foxtail, on an outing with us, that requires a vets intervention you are responsible for the vet cost.

Ticks are tenacious little creatures and they are everywhere in our hills, grasses and open spaces. Again, we do our best to check for ticks after outings, but inevitably they grab onto pups and people alike and are very good at hiding in the warm crevices. To protect your dog against ticks, and to prevent the potential for contracting tick-borne diseases; including Lyme disease, we advise you to regularly use tick preventives on your dog. There are many prescription and over the counter options available. We encourage you to speak to your vet to help you find a medication that is right for your dog.

Sit Stay Sleep crew

Joanne DeMars has been with me since 2014 and as part of my team she makes my life easier. 2-3 days a week she takes the pack to the hills for a good long run. Being the runner she is, they get a great workout and come back happy and tired. Joanne spent her undergrad years working as a vet tech and is very dog savvy. On those rare occasions I am gone overnight when there are dogs here, Joanne generally spends the night here at my house and is on dog duty.

Alix Woodard all around animal lover. She has been working with me since the fall of 2016. Mostly Alix helps with dog walks; both long neighborhood urban hikes as well as joining me with the pack out for off-leash adventures. When I need an evening off Alix will covers end of the day pick-ups/drop-offs as well as feeding boarding dogs dinner. 

George Berven continues to be a valuable help around here doing weekend walks, hanging out with the dogs when I’m out, helping with onsite projects and generally providing physical and emotional support to my busy life. He also provides hours of couch snuggles for the pack.

Cake Oh has been working with me since 2015. She is a true dog lover. Besides exuding love & care to the pups, Cake Oh is my task master helping get things done here at SSS, keeping us on track with projects and helping with Dogumentarian goals. 


General reminders for your dog’s upcoming stay

  • Fill-out an itinerary sheet online for your trip.
  • Make sure vaccines and flea treatment are all current.
  • You are responsible for drop-off and pick-ups of your dog (within a 30-minute window) as scheduled. Please let me know ASAP if you will be early or delayed.
  • If you are traveling internationally or to a remote or hard to reach location, you will need to provide a supplemental emergency plan. We can talk about this.
  • Please include 2-3 days worth of extra food. In case you are delayed returning as well as our guests tend to get lots of exercise and sometimes need a little extra food. 
  • Follow the adventures of all the pups here at Sit Stay Sleep on our Facebook and Instragram pages

Contacting Kendra

For making or changing a reservation, confirming details, etc., email is best

For “day of” changes, checking-in or emergencies, my cell phone is 510-847-1832. 


Being a home-based business means someone is here most of the time. That being said, we do have preffered hours that you should arrive with your dog, so that we may schedule our activities, errands, appointments with regularity. 

Drop-offs: 7:30 – 9:30 am 

Pick-ups: 4 – 6 pm.

Late pick-ups until 9:30 pm – based on availability.

All drop-off and pick-up times need to be scheduled with Kendra. 

Upcoming 2020 Closure Dates:

February 22 – 24 

March 22 – 26

April 19 – 27